Unfortunately, we all know that our smartphone addiction has reached an entirely new degree of undesirable when you can’t affected the pillow at night without it beside you. Our cell phone, tablets, computers and other electronic contraptions have become such a huge part of our daily lives that it’s often hard to throw them down — even at bedtime. Well, you’re probably think that hindering your phone on your nightstand is not able to seem like a big deal, but technology changes your sleep late more styles than you realise. Whether you’re surfing the web, playing a video game, or using your phone as an alarm clock in the late night, you’re probably hindering yourself from a restful night. And, I also think that you’ll be scandalized when we are saying that a recent survey has found that 63 percent of smartphone users between the ages of 18 and 29 actually sleep with their phones or tablets in their couches. Yes, and you should also know that the experts to realize that our chronic sleep deprivation is linked to these devices being allowed in our sleep space.


You’ll reduce the “chances” to play games or chat with your best friend You can read a new journal instead. You’ll pay more attention to your loved one. You’ll reduce your radiation exposure.